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Subject: i think ur my new best friend
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: July 20, 2002 at 10:09:53 AM
Reply to: Re: youve caught my interest by Hiroshi Zanretsu
i like the name hiroshi, and i really thought u were of japanese heritage at first, no difference tho
i love everything japanese, and chinese too
ive been teaching myself small bits of chinese, and oh boy its hard
i was just thinking how u write, and like dragons or stuff about them, and the orient, wow thats like me in a box
if u have a thing for weaponry... id think ur a long lost twin, jk lol
i was just curious what your story is about, just a quick over view of it,
i started reading it, but i just dont have the time to get to in depth
so is based on another world of sorts, or is this midevil times, or midevil times with a twist
just curious, i also like midevil times,
i have 21 novels (i havent started to write any of them :S) and 4 are based on dragons, phoenixs, and angels (not your Judeo-Christian angels)
and i have another based in China, around the times they had their great Dynasty's
so i was just interested in you, i know some time ago someone got quite agressive over ppl talking about non-name related material on this board so if you are interested my email is
hope to hear from you
btw i like Tien better

~Silver (SD)

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