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Subject: You need a new phone vook...
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 4, 2001 at 4:24:29 AM
Reply to: Vabbit? by Daividh
"Looking through the phone book today (Central Kentucky)..."

@@@@ Man, I've heard of obsessive stalkers, but you sure take the Danish, Daividh. :)

"...and came across the first name "Vabbit". Is this the result of someone's daddy having too much moonshine or does the name have a legitimate origin and meaning?"

@@@@ You know, if it was me, I would've just rung up Mr. Vabbit on the phone and asked him: "What's up, Doc? With your name, I mean." But then, I like to play on the telephone. Heheh.

So, not having my own personal copy of the Central Kentucky telephone directory, I did the next best thing and checked out the white pages at both and No Vabbits listed anywhere in the country. I also checked the Social Security Death Benefits Index to see if there had *ever* been any Vabbits who might've died in the past several decades leaving a small pile of cash to any surviving litter of little Vabbits. No luck there, either.

A likely conclusion, therefore, must be that there's a typo in that there Kintuckie phone book of yours.

Of course, yoooooo have Mr. Vabbit's (or possibly "Babbit's") phone number. If you're too chicken (n'yah n'yah!) to ring him up, e-mail me his phone number and *I'll* do it.

Ya don't even have to double-dare me to do it, either. :)

"And please, no Swedish Looney Tunes jokes... :)"

@@@@ I vouldn't dream ov it, Doc."

-- Nanaea

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