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Subject: Re: Mavromichaelis
Author: Pavlos   (guest)
Date: July 29, 2002 at 9:38:59 AM
Reply to: Re: Mavromichaelis by Anneza
Spot-on! Mavros is the anglo-phonetic version of "Mauro" which is means Black in Greek. Mauritania, Maurice, etc, are indeed derived from "mauros". Mauros itself derived from the even more Ancient Greek "amauros" meaning "dim, faint, ambiguous (metaphorically)".

Kara- , which appears as a prefix in some comtemporary Greek surnames, means "black" in Turkish.

While on the subject, its worth noting that Ethiopian "Aithiops" literally means "sun-burnt face" from "aithein" (to burn) and "ops" (face).

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