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Subject: my name
Author: rhonda   (guest,
Date: March 28, 2005 at 7:09:55 AM
This site stated Rhonda was a newly created name but this is just not so. It is an ancient name whose meaning has been lost in antiquity or so I am told by a certain authority. The Rhondda River that runs through southern Wales confirms that much. There is also a river in Spain by the same name. Some say it is Welsh, some Celtic. The only consistency is that female names with the letters RHO in their derivative form usually equate to "great warrior queen", as in Rhiannon, etc. If anyone has anything significant to add would appreciate hearing from them. Powerful River and queen are notnecessarily at odds.The King of Kings is the River of Life, is He not? Living waters can only be running water, a river. Yes?

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