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Subject: Attn - Satu - need your help......
Author: "Bagpus"   (guest)
Date: March 28, 2005 at 1:39:14 PM
Reply to: Re: on by Satu
Thanks, really interesting site. I see no "W" listed was this letter not present in their alphabet?

Any thoughts as to any other sites to search for Old English names???

The name i'm having the most trouble with is either -
"Luthin or Lothin or Lothen or even Luddin" circa 1050ad
Lothin, the Dane was apparently a Prince of Denmark.
Luthin relates to Ragnar Lothbruk circa 860ad and there is one other word Wafenia (a river), that links the two, this may mean something like - "troubled waters"??

Can you throw any light of the meaning of these? and which is the origin/ true form? regards, "Bagpus"

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