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Subject: My name is Liberty, i like it but......
Author: Liberty   (guest)
Date: February 10, 2001 at 1:46:39 PM
My name is Liberty. I love it, but sometimes it really gets on my nerves.Sometimes people look at me like I'm supposed to be Miss America or something. I also get stuck with really dorky nicknames like Statue and stuff. Everytime I go to some place and we get those stupid name tags that say "Hi, my name is..." every one has to look twice before they actually start talking to me, and then when they do, it always has to be about my name. You know what else really bugs me. People are always asking how I got named Liberty. Look, as far as I know it came from a concert my parents were at, and they played a song about a girl named Liberty. About the only good thing about it is that I know for a fact that there will not be another girl named Liberty in my class at school.

Liberty =}

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