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Subject: Re: Names for my twins
Author: Daividh   (guest)
Date: February 10, 2001 at 3:50:03 PM
Reply to: Re: Names for my twins by Liberty
Nan is one of my absolutely favorite people in Webland, but partly to uphold my Opinionated Old Fart image and partly because IMHO Miz Lib is dead right, I gotta agree with the latter on this one.

People who name twins confusing names are a blight upon the community; those who name them RHYMING names (Brad and Chad, Wanda and Rhonda) or dress them IDENTICALLY should be herded into boxcars, or at least Kias, and shipped off East (Long Island, specifically, where this would be only a misdemeanor).

Chaos does indeed keep life interesting, but personally, I've had my fill in the last two decades without someone's moron parents adding more to the mix.

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