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Subject: Erin and Irene - same name?
Author: AndersW   (guest)
Date: September 17, 2002 at 6:42:46 AM
Hi folks!

I'm trying figure out when to celebrate my wife's name day. Her name is Erin, which doesn't have a particular name day in Sweden (where we live), or even - according to the name day database on this web site - in any country.

Erin (by the same source) seems to be an old Irish derivative of Ireland, Eire (Eirinn). But where does that name come from, or what does it mean?

Irene (same source again) comes from the Greek eirene, meaning peace.

Is there a common root here? The words start to look fairly similar, and I seem to remember reading somewhere that Erin (<-- Ireland, Eire) means peace as well.

Anyone have some ideas or input? Would it be appropriate to celebrate Erin on the name day for Irene?



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