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Subject: Re: Just for fun: What Is Your Hidden "Signature Name"?
Author: Barbara   (guest,
Date: September 19, 2002 at 4:07:37 AM
Reply to: Just for fun: What Is Your Hidden "Signature Name"? by Nanaea
Hi Nan,

compliment on your anagramming abilities! I thought, this is interesting, and so I tried it myself on a song title that has a special meaning to me.
Here are the humble results:
Maci Roka
Kaci Roma
Macki Roa
Ami A. Cork
Amica Rok
Mica Karo
Cora Kaim
Ria Macko
Kim Araco
Oka McAir
And my favourites:
Cari Amok
Cia Makro
Rika Coma
a.k.a. McRoi
That's not much, but I'm only a beginner... Now you can guess the song title!


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