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Subject: not having trouble with a name for once...
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: September 21, 2002 at 12:26:23 PM
First and foremost, hi to all the regulars I missed, Ive been so busy with school so I havent been around
Secondly... I know this website is for finding the origin of names, and when people want to know what people think about names... there is the baby name board...
But I dont have a baby!!!
So I apologize to anyone and everyone who thinks I am abusing the purpose of this board, and ask the help of all those who enjoy naming people in fantasy texts.
I have started to get ideas for an older novel of mine "Ruptured Night", but that is not likely the final name, I dont find it flows nicely, so I will change it when I think of a better one.
Anyways I am not really all to sure what it is about yet, except the Gods.
The main character is a Goddess named Goddess Kitaol-Anidya-Sirika. Her little... catch phrase if you will is "My friends... call Kita, my lovers... scream Kas, my enimies... cry Mercy"
She is the goddess of Passion.
Anyways, so Kita has some sisters, and like her they have a 3 part name that has an abbreviation that only very close friends and such may call them.
There is the Goddess of Love - Rae or Rai or Ray
The Goddess of Lust - Nol
and The Goddess of Romance - Set

they have a brother... not sure what he is the god of yet, but his name abbr. is Zyx

Here is some extra info that might help u think of the characters.
The mother of the 4 goddesses and god just mentioned is the Goddess of Fertility. Her name will be either Dir or Dyr (both pronounced liek rhyming with tire, which looks better)
Rai/Rae/Ray (which is better do u think?) has long curly hair, that is copper, with lavender eyes with a bluish tinge
Nol has long curly hair that is navy blue to black, with deep violet eyes
Set has long curly hair again, blondish coloured with pink and orangy highlights, the colour of her hair is often referred to as the colour of a sunset, sky blue eyes with specks of silver
Kita's arch-enemy is a Demon named Nyguen-Rydian, I am not sure if this is a he or she, or what they are a demon of
Kita was born with very light baby blue hair, but it became a silverish white as she grew up, and she has pea green eyes.
The father of all the goddesses and Zyx has royal blue hair, with tuffs of black in it.
Dir/Dyr has a blondy red hair.

So now you are thinking wow this is boring, why doesnt she get to her point, lol, here it is

I have the abbr for many characters, but would like idea for full names, those characters are Nol, Set, Ray/Rai/Rae, Dir/Dyr, Zyx
Do you think I should use Ray, Rai or Rae?
Do you think Dir or Dyr looks better?
What sex does the name Nyguen-Rydian sound?
What sound Nyguen be a demon of?
What should the father of the goddesses, god, and the husband to Dir/Dyr be the god off?
What should his name/abbr be?

A prethank to all who even read all this!

~SD sa Ryuchia

"Life isn't measured by the number of breaths taken, but by the number of moments that take yoru breath away"

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