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Subject: Peggy a nickname for Margaret, Why is
Author: Israel Cohen   (guest)
Date: September 25, 2002 at 7:14:44 AM
MaRGaRiTe and MaRGaLiTE both mean "pearl".

Margaric acid C17H34O2 from Gk margar(on) = pearl has
pearlescent crystals. It is a precursor of margarine.

I think there is a strong connection between pearl and
its ivory color. Aha.

MaRe = sea + Greek GaLiTe = "milky white", hence ivory (color)

Now, compare (mar)GaLiTe and

Galatea (gal uh tee'uh) n.
the woman brought to life by Aphrodite from the ivory statue
carved by Pygmalion.

Pygmalion (pig may'lee uhn, -mayl'yuhn) n.
(in classical myth) a sculptor who fell in love with Galatea,
the ivory statue of a woman that he had carved.

Compare Pinnochio (another carving brought to life) and
Hebrew P'NiNaH = pearl.

So, maybe,
Margaret/MarGaLiTe --> GaLiTe --> PyGmalion --> Peggy

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