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Subject: Re: Does anyone out there know the meaning of this name?
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 14, 2001 at 9:41:30 AM
Reply to: Re: Does anyone out there know the meaning of this name? by Owyda
You know, Owyda, before you take offense where NO OFFENSE was intended, it would be wise for you to consider the following before jumping in and posting on ANY message board.

#1. Try lurking a bit first. Get a "feel" for the place. If you had done this here, you would have seen right from the start that there is a lot of good-natured teasing that goes on here. Daividh, in particular is one of the "regulars", and I have NEVER known him to post anything here with the deliberate intention of offending or hurting anyone's feelings.

#2. Try reading the MESSAGE which appears at the top of the page when you hit the "post" button. It says: "If you are posting a question about the origin of a name please include as much information as possible. Most important are the gender and ethnic background." If you had perhaps posted a little more information about your name, Daividh (and the rest of us here) would have at least had something to work with.

#3. Consider posting a "thank you" to someone who DIDN'T "offend" you while acknowledging your posting, as PriaposLovs did. It would show a bit of class on your part. Unless, of course, PriaposLovs offended you, too.

Perhaps you just don't interact with a whole lot of different people on a regular basis, and this may be why you get offended so easily. But let me give you a tip, Owyda: Taking offense where NO OFFENSE was intended (as Daividh even stated in his posting) is extremely uncool.

And if I offended you just now with this posting... Well, that's just too, boo-hoo bad. Don't expect an apology from me just to appease your thin-skinned, judgemental attitude.

One more thing...

Daividh's cool, and you're not.

-- Nanaea

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