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Subject: Re: cant find my name
Author: PriaposLovs   (guest)
Date: February 15, 2001 at 1:08:46 AM
Reply to: Re: cant find my name by Daividh
Trying to single out "Bosnian names" would be an exercise in futility, old bean. States such as Bosnia, Kossovo, Macedonia, etc., are fairly new-fangled concoctions encompassing mosaic of ethnicities. Whenever I meet someone from the region (Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim) I ask them what they consider themselves: believe me, the majority reply in the most politically-incorrect by western standards way: "I am Yugoslavian". An example being Emir Kusturica, a great Yugoslavian film director, whose background includes a hefty dose of all the region's ethnicities.
Just asked an Albanian colleague about the name Almir. She claims that it is quite common in her neck of the woods, and that the name is based on "mir" which means "good" in Albanian. I conjecture that the Albanian "mir" may be related to the Slavic "mir" (meaning peace) which in turn, is related to the Greek "irene" (also meaning peace). Lets drink to that.

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