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Subject: I completely disagree with you.
Author: Siri   (guest,
Date: May 5, 2005 at 1:14:29 PM
Reply to: I don't agree by Ylva
When I post on the facts board, I'm looking for FACTS. I don't want guesses, or "I think it means this" Nor do I want to be given inaccurate information. If I did, I'd use a baby-name book.

This is an ETYMOLOGY board. Its not for opinions, or guesses. Its a place to post INTELLIGENT questions, and receive INTELLIGENT answers. Furthermore, if someone doesn't know for sure, they should state that.

It bothers me when people who know nothing about etymology post as if they know everything. It also bothers me when people use baby name books. The majority of popular baby name books and popular baby name websites are innaccurate. I trust very few because of that fact.

BtN may not be 100% accurate, but its well-researched. The regular posters on the facts board appreciate that accuracy.

I'm sorry that you get your panties in a twist anytime someone questions someone, or disagrees with you, but that's life.

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