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Subject: Attn:- "Daividh"
Author: Bobby Darin   (guest,
Date: May 7, 2005 at 2:17:28 PM
At first i said to Bagpus, i would leave this with him to resolve, but now i think there are issues that remain unresolved....
Up until a few months ago being called Bobby Darin was no big deal, in England he was a forgotten singer from the 1950's and then came that movie....
As to "Paging Mr. Darin" your words, oh, dear does it not cross your mind that everyone and his mother and already came out with this comment? how sad and predictable. You must be in your forties right? have you never learnt that all humour is at the expense of those your direct it at? Even from someone i know this is crossing the line, but from a total stranger, it is totally unacceptable to mock them and try to belittle them. Don't tell me this was not your intention, if it wasn't then you would have never written that text
As for your crack about can't we afford another computer? Until 11 months ago i was employed then made unexpectedly redundant, i'm now fighting to keep my house, in considerable debt and yes had to sell my computer to pay mortage payments, not so funny is it?
Your comments are unacceptable, as is your attitude of "Judging others" before you even bothered to ask what the situation is....
In your reply you didn't even acknowledge that you had acted in a judgemental way? This would have shown a basic level of respect to admit this and reassure the board you now understand the error of your ways and frankly won't do this again.
Everyone is entirely to a basis level of Respect we believe, to be treated equally and not to be mocked, belittled or laughed for thier name, views or beliefs on this board or any other.....

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