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Subject: Máire: pronunciation, please?
Author: gaelcelt   (guest)
Date: May 7, 2005 at 8:08:37 PM
The Irish name "Máire" seems to have a pronunciation listed as "MOI-ra" and "Máirín", it's pet form, is pronounced as "moi-reen"; I thought that it was supposed to be "MAH-rya" and "MAH-reen" or something close to that. What is the right way? I speak some Gaelic, ach chan eil mi fileanta innte, mar sin chan eil fhios agam air dòigh-labhairt. Dè 'n dòigh-labhairt a tha ceart? Chuirinn luach air. Tapadh leibh. (but I'm not fluent in it, therefore I don't know the pronunciation. Which is the proper pronunciation? I would appreciate it. Thank you.)

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