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Author: Ivayla   (Authenticated as Ivayla)
Date: May 9, 2005 at 9:59:14 PM
Reply to: BNaBBT brought this up by Miranda
Slavic is not a language -- it is a family of languages. While I agree that Danika means "morning star" in Slavic is worded wrongly, it is not wrong per se. Danika is a Slavic name -- it is both used by Slavic people and composed of Slavic elements.

And Slavic is not a language now -- up until the 12th century all Slavs spoke a common language, common Slavonic (duh!). So while modern Polish is hardly the same as modern Serbian, many of the names used in Poland and Serbia arose in the time when there was a Slavic language. Outlining that yadayada means yadayada in Serbian and Polish is redundant imo. Besides, that's what usages are there for.

As for Danika -- I know a couple of Danica's, but I've never heard of a Slavic Danika. My personal guess is that somebody saw Danica, decided (wrongly) that it is pronounced dah-nee-kah and came up with Danika.

Edited to add: Mark -- Slavic, Slavonic and Slavonian are all correct terms, and are pretty much interchangeable.

~ Ivayla

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