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Subject: lol! questions on q, x, wh, and w
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: November 13, 2002 at 8:37:57 PM
Reply to: Re: one more thing on the loopy n by Yahalome
ok ok,
Bonjour is one word. Bon = good, jour=day
i find it hard to say how to pronounce it but... 'bohnj jewr-neh" now the reason i put the n in bon as nj, is because it is not pronunced hard like in english, but near the back of the mouth, but not in the throat. This is a result from the vowels sound more slurred and less pronunced. This is coming up a lot in my phoneme difficulty.
Bonnuit or Bon nuit = good night
Bonsoir = good evening
Bonne journee = good journey (say it as a goodbye, like have a good day)
There is no real 'good afternoon' you could say Bon apres-midi... but no one does
Say Salut instead. It is more general and not as proper as Bonjour. It can also be used to say goodbye.
Au'revoir is the proper goodbye, technically meaning 'untill we see eachother again'
I love the french word Adieu - goodbye forever from 'to god' 'a dieu'
English should have a word for goodbye forever, we just steal the french word, lol

ok now for more questions
once again, i would like this opportunity to sound like a broken record and thank you for your help in this endevour

ok q and x, i dont see why we have these letters
i notice u keep them in ur phoentic list, i was curious as to why
x, itself is made of k+z, sekz for example (my apologies to anyone who found that offensive. its a good example!!!)
Usually x can be represented by one of the two letters, or both. I have yet to find a word that needs 'x'.
Ekz-celent, u get the idea
Next q, i find it's usually a k sound. Kwuilt. Do you agree, yes, no?

Next question is on w and wh.
What is the difference.
isnt wh sounds like 'what' just w+h
can u give me some examples
Lots of thankz


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