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Subject: To Y.
Author: Silver   (guest,
Date: November 15, 2002 at 10:22:09 PM
Reply to: Phonetics and Linguistics by Silver
Ok, I hope you aren't getting tired of my incessant questions, if you are, just say, and ill stop

Ok first I don't know what you mean by the vowel "short A"
and I think ay and eh make the same sounds, unless ur thinking the ay to make an i sound
I have a lot more vowels then you do, and i was curious if you want to cross reference
When you say these sounds do not have a voiced or unvoiced form, you mean that when whispered, and when spoken u get the same sound, right?
Also i was wondering if u wanted to add the guteral French r to ur list.
I didnt understand your last comment concering the w and wh sound.
Do you have some english examples so I can understand the difference.

I am sorry to be redundant, and i am just making sure... but the Spanish sounds ñ and ll are just n+y and l+y and are not needed?
because in ur last response i thought u said as much, but in ur chart the ll leter does show up

Thats all for now
Ty again

~Silver (Phonem Mastah in training!)

Ps. go to and type in Phonem, you get a lot of info

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