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Subject: Re: Cool! Thank you!
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 20, 2001 at 3:58:35 PM
Reply to: Cool! Thank you! by Selwyn
Thanks for coming back to let me know you saw the posting. A lot of people, I've noticed, don't do that. That was very cool of you, Selwyn. :)

"By the way how do you know these things?"

It's not just me. Both Daividh and PriaposLovs do their fair share of answering people's name queries on this board, as well. We're onomasticians, in that respect. :) We don't get paid for what we do -- we do it for the fun of it and the challenge. We make use of numerous reference sourse -- both on-line and in book format -- for answering people's name queries. PriaposLovs is an economist, I'm a library director, and Daividh is some sort of adminstrator for a company that manufactures forklifts (I think). Daividh is the most mysterious of us three, and not exactly forthcoming with personal information, I believe. Are you READING this, Daividh? :)

Mike Campbell owns this board, and I'd say that he's an onomastician, too. He doesn't get to show up here too often, but it's always cool when he does.

Stop by more often! You're always welcome!

-- Nanaea

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