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Subject: Mine too!!....
Author: Daividh   (guest,
Date: December 10, 2002 at 10:08:52 PM
Reply to: Re: More to everyone... by Yahalome
and I agree with Pavlos: we've seen ups and downs here, periods when everyone was urbane, witty, helpful, and got along well (or was that just my impression during those Vicodin binges?) and some periods just the opposite when many of the regulars took brief hiatuses until the prepubescent unwashed got it out of their systems and moved on.

Actually, there have been many good times, but also others when me, Pav, Nan, and anyone else we could muster did our best to slam-dunk the annoying gum-popping little twerps off the board. And yes, "rude", even "vicious", has its place when you're pushed so far. (Nanaea does "vicious" better than anyone!!)

But other than 6 fewer Christmas shopping days than last year, I don't know why everyone seems so short-tempered. Perhaps it's the shaky economy, or the mega-SUVs on yer bumper, or the relentless barrage of "what do you think of this fab unisex name?" questions that somehow just won't migrate to the baby board. Your guess or mine...

And I share Pav's sentiments -- we're glad you and the rest of the good-natured, incredibly knowledgable folks who've favored us in the last few months are here!

- Da., who signed his name on company Christmas cards a full 900 times today and is waiting for the feeling to return in his arthritic hand.

(Dear Gawd - he's also getting old and senile - he agreed with Pavlos TWICE!! Oh the shame...)

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