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Subject: Snow names for girls:
Author: Satu   (guest,
Date: January 5, 2003 at 8:41:59 AM
Reply to: Gwyneira, Eirwen, Eira by cheng
Aneira (Welsh: really white or really golden [snow])
Berfu (Turkish: snow queen)
Chilali (Native Amerikan [?]: snow bird)
Drífa (Old Norse / Icelandic: snow flurry)
Edurne (Basque: snow)
Eira, Eiry (Welsh: snow)
Eirawen, Eirwen (Welsh: snow + holy, beautiful, white, pure)
Eiriol (Welsh: snow drop)
Fanndís (Old Norse: snow + goddess)
Fanney (Old Norse: snow + luck)
Fannlaug (Old Norse: snow + promise or light)
Fönn (Old Norse / Icelandic: snow, snow-drift)
Gwyneira (Welsh: holy, beautiful, white, pure + snow)
Haukea (Polynesian: snow + white)
Istas (Native American [?]: snow)
Lixue (Chinese: beautiful + snow)
Lumi, Lumikki (Finnish: snow)
Miyuki (Japanese: deep snow)
Mjallhvít (Old Norse + Icelandic: snow white)
Mjöll (Old Norse / Icelandic: newfallen snow)
Neva, Nevara, Neve, Nevein, Nevia, Nieve, Nieves, Nives, Niwes, Neiva, Neyva, Neus (Latin: snow)
Nevada (Spanish / American: covered with snow)
Pyry (Finnish: snow storm)
Schneewitta, Schneewittchen (Old German: snow white)
Sigurdríf (Old Norse / Icelandic: victory + snow flurry)
Snæfríður + Snjáfríður + Snjófríður (Icelandic) Snøfrid (Norwegian), Snöfrid (Swedish), Snefrid (Danish) (Old Norse: snow + beauty)
Snæbjörg (Old Norse: snow + salvation)
Snædís (Old Norse: snow + goddess)
Snælaug, Snjálaug, Snjólaug (Old Norse: snow + promise)
Snövit (Swedish: snow white)
Tarku Huhtsu (Native American [Komantsche]: snow bird)
Tuyet (Vietnamese: snow)
Xue (Chinese: snow)
Xue Fang, Xuefang (Chinese: snow + fragrant)
Xue-Hua, Xue-hua, Xuehua (Chinese: snow + flower [snow flake])
Yepa (Native American: snow girl, snow woman)
Yuki, Yukiyo (Japanese: snow)
Yukie (Japanese: snow + branch)
Yukiko (Japanese: snow + child)

Regards, Satu

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