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Subject: Re: Minnaloushe
Author: Flynn   (guest)
Date: January 8, 2003 at 2:44:54 AM
Reply to: Minnaloushe by laura

I have spent many years searching for the meaning of this name. My curiosity sprouted at a young age largely due to the fact that Minnaloushe is my middle name. It is nice to hear that you believe it is a male name. I am ridiculed regularly by those who believe that it sounds feminine. The sole meaning of Minnaloushe that I have found to date is: "He whose pupils change with each phase of the moon". Symbolic? I don't know. Is it a definition based on Yeats poem or did Yeat use it because of it's relevance. I am yet to find out. Take from this what you like and good luck in your search.

All the best,


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