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Subject: What's Behind Daividh?
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 22, 2001 at 11:23:39 AM
Reply to: Re: Cool! Thank you! by PriaposLovs
These were great! I especially liked: "Grim child raids Valhalla". Sounded like it should be followed with " at eleven..." :)

I opted to anagram Daividh's first name, middle initial, and last name (with 2 els, I presume):

What happens when Daividh logs onto this message board and sees a query for a name with which he's not familiar.

Ever polite, there are just those days when Daividh has seen one two many postings such as: "Hi! My name is Loosi! It has never occurred to me to ask my mother where she got that name from, and it's too much trouble for me to give you any background information about my heritage. But can you tell me what my name means, anyway?"

Loosi replies back to Daividh's reply: "Hi! It's me, Loosi, again! I forgot to ask you: What do you think I should name my baby when I'm old enough to have one?"

-- Nanaea

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