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Subject: Re: No, and no
Author: oneway21001   (Authenticated as oneway21001)
Date: May 29, 2005 at 2:16:20 PM
Reply to: No, and no by Miranda the Moderator
I would not have considered the word "jerk" much less called you one, even in my own mind, if you had not added those sentences.

I do not believe that shouting in public and typing with the caplock on (even though now, as you have educated me, it is equated as shouting in Cyberland) are comparable, but I do understand what you mean when you say (paraphrase in my words) "Just seeing all caps sounds like someone shouting down my face!". There have been times when I have listened to someone speak and some time later if I pick up a book the person has written, I can hear them speaking to me as if they were right before me.

What is a punctuation pet? Is it like your pet peeve?

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