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Subject: Re: precision
Author: ירד   (guest)
Date: June 7, 2005 at 3:59:12 AM
Reply to: Re: precision by Miss Claire
To *be* precise, Miss Claire, I ascertain that when you here use the term "Jew" you are of course actually referring to an 'adherent of Judaism'. There are generally two modern connotations implied by this name, "Jew": one being religious, a person adhering to the religion Jüdāism; the other being ethnic, a descent of the defunct nation Jüdæa (a Hebrew individual). I’ve noticed that when people speak of those who are 'Jewish', this differential can tend to become *imprecise*. Here’s a confusing statement: Jesus was a Jew though he wasn’t Jewish. To clarify, when in human form Jesus was a Jew ethnically, and while he did adhere to what is written in haTanakh he was nonetheless not a Jew religiously-- that is to say, an adherent of Judaism.

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