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Subject: Re: What would be a good middle name for sarah?
Author: Norah   (guest,
Date: February 26, 2001 at 8:31:28 AM
Reply to: What would be a good middle name for sarah? by dana catania
Sarah is a pretty common name. I'd avoid the "standard" middle names (i.e., Sarah Elizabeth, Sarah Anne, Sarah Marie)" because she's bound to run into a ton of other sarahs in life with these middle names. How about:

Sarah Camille, Sarah Lisette, Sarah Natalya, Sarah Fleur, Sarah Corinne?

Maybe your maiden name, or your mother's maiden name? Grandmother's first names? The name of a favorite character from a book or movie, or someone you admire? I always like middle names that have some personal meaning, rather than being chosen just because they sound nice.

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