Subject: Re: Country of Orgin and a note to Satu
Author: Awgust   (guest)
Date: April 9, 2003 at 1:26:08 AM
Reply to: Re: Country of Orgin and a note to Satu by Awgust
Correction on Awgusta information. I rechecked and her name was Awgusta Karolina and she lived in Wolynien, which lies in the northwest of today's Ukraine, borders in the north on white Russia, in the south on the Karpaten and in the West on Poland (per the website). There were other individuals named on this site also with the name Awgust (however, I believe they are men).

So, is the name Lithuanian, Russian (Ukraine), Polish, or German. The orgin must be there somewhere.

Just a little more information for anyone who may have some knowledge of these countries.

Thanks again,

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