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Subject: What canyou tell me about the name Shoneugh?
Author: shoneugh   (guest,
Date: August 9, 2003 at 7:14:26 PM

I have spent my life attempting to answer the questions - where is that name from? What does it mean - and I can't say that I didn't wish I had the answers

My parents are not very forthcoming about the whys of my name except that it was determined it ought to be gaelic - and that my fahter and his buddy choose it from a book whilst under the infuence of scotch - I am not sure how much I beleive this part but there you are. My parents are both scottish so the gaelic connection rings true . I have never seen my name anywhere else and when I type it into a search engine the only times it appears is where I am listed.

Anyone who can shed some light on this mystery?


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