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Subject: I'm back!!! with a question!!!
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: August 12, 2003 at 9:30:29 AM
All right, first and foremost, hi everyone!!!
I wonder who all remembers me
I remember Nanaea, Pavlos, Yahalome, Davidh, and Mike C of course
then there was a Merry something... person... who made me laugh a lot... oh well

I am writing a manga (plot of a Japanese comic book series so Nan may be a great help) that is based in Russia. Same genre as Sailor Moon.

I will have continuing questions as it develops more, I have already been working on it for almost a year, and lately it's really starting to come together.

1) At this point I was wanting to know the meaning of the word/name Horosha. Some sources say it means beautiful, some say 'good-looking' all say its an adj that can only be applied to females. If it does mean good looking is it in a beautiful way, or does it mean more attractive.

2) I am looking for a Russian last name that means wisdom, or something relativly close to that. I was told a Russian last name can be created by just adding ov/ova, y/aya/ya or ich to any adj.

3) According to this database, the god Chenobog is a god of darkness, the underworld and grief. But sometimes I see him listed as a god of death as well. I know his name means 'dark god', or 'black god' and Morana is a goddess of death, but i was wondering if Chenobog is just sometimes seen as a god of death bcz of his association with the underworld, or Morana is just 'seen' as a goddess of death because of her association with winter, or one of them really supposed to be head honcho. I do know Morana means death. If the case is Morana is head death deity I will need to do a lot of switching around (-cries- and ill lose the ability to use the demon Polunocnica who is really cool!) and I will need a new god o' the wind, bcz Stribog will have to take over ice element from Morana, who I know have it under. Now, I have a demi or lower god of sorts, Dogoda, who is the 'gentle west wind' who is appearently related to the Persian diety Ada. Anyone got info on this Ada dude, cz i can't find nuthing...

Well thats enough to plague ur minds over for now.
Much love guys, i missed y'all!!!

~ Silver, ur crazy canadian signing off...

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