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Subject: Name advice from a teacher
Author: elizabeth   (guest)
Date: March 8, 2001 at 6:58:09 AM
I found this site very interesting. It's nice to have a name that's new and different. However, I think people forget the child will soon be school age and will have to correct the spelling of his/her unique name all the time with friends, not to mention repeat the name when meeting someone new. It's heartbreaking when a child receives an award or tropy and the name is spelled incorrectly. Also, super popular names like Emily, Jake, etc. become Emily A. or Jake B. and Jake K. in school for years for these kids. If you want to be so unique, pick an older name from the 50's or 60's; one that everyone knows but hasn't seen on a little face in a while. The question to ask people is -Hey spell__________for me. Just my opinion.
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