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Subject: Re: Origins of names
Author: Pavlos   (guest,
Date: August 18, 2003 at 5:20:23 AM
Reply to: Origins of names by Hironori Miyamatsu
Back from vacations 'n' ready for action. Here goes!

Peisistatos = An archetypal minitaristic name, derived from "peitho" (= to convince, persuade) and "stratos" (army). The name therefore means "he who persuades the army". Namesakes include the son of Nestor, and a tyrant of Athens.

Kleisthenes = derived from "kleos" (glory) and "sthenos" (strength, courage). He was father of the beautiful Agariste.

Aischylos = derived from "aischos" (shame). Could mean "he who brings his foes to shame". Not surprisingly, he invented tragedy.

Euripides = You rippy dis, you fixy dis!! But seriously, the name is derived from "eu" (good) and "ripe" (to throw, cast, shoot, ejaculate). Could imply a "sweeping, vehement". The most dramatic of Greek tragedists.

Pythagoras = From "pythios" (related to Apollo's delphic claivoyant Pytheia) and "agora" (market). Implies "one who can reveal things". I guess a modern interpretation could be "he who can predict stock prices". Hypotenuses will never be the same!

Thukydides = From "theou" (of God) and "kydos" (kudos), which means "glory of the Gods". He was a big time historian.

Eukleides = From "eu" (good) and "kleos" (glory). Means glorious fellow. He was King of Sparta.

Hironori Miyamatsu = Oi! I'm thorny Samurai (Anagram Oracle)

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