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Subject: Origin of name
Author: Viveca   (guest)
Date: April 10, 2007 at 6:42:09 PM
Hi, My name is Viveca and after having gone many years not hearing my name I moved to Washington, DC. It came to my attention that a neighbor shared my name, Viveca Novak (later to become a controversial journalist). My mother is from Sweden so I knew that it was a Swedish name. But now I live in New York and have a new neighbor whose name is Viveka! She claims her name is from the oldest language in the world and that my name is spelled incorrectly and is derived from Hindi.

So, my question is is she right? My mother says it's an old Swedish name and in my research I have found it listed as both Scandanavian and German. My Swedish cousin claims that "noone" in Sweden is named Viveca.

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