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Subject: Re: help
Author: Caprice   (guest)
Date: August 28, 2003 at 2:33:01 PM
Reply to: help by Mary
I many cultures, names like these are given to children to make evil spirits think that the child is unwanted (then, of course, they don't mind stealing it).
Here are some of these names:
Ajuji - child of the refuse-heap
Apara - she comes and goes (i.e. she will die)
Kaluwa - forgotten one
Klesa - pain
Meriwa - thorn
Pollyam - plague goddess
Hahnee - begger
Kokudza - he will not live for long
Nergui - no name
Sjausjaa - mud
Muunochoig - bad dog

Here are some other names with negative meanings:
Alile - she cries
Alkas - she's afraid
Chiriga - her parents are poor
Dolores - sorrows
Hiti - hyena
Job/Joby - hated, haunted
Kesi - born while her father had problems
Liliha - repulse
Makadisa - she was always selfish
Marcia - war - like
Vatusia - they [ie the dead] leave us behind
Yanaba - she meets enemies
Alein - alone
Almon - forsaken
Blaise - stuttering, lame, deformed
Cahil - naïve
Chesmu - full of sand, full of gravel
Ilom - I have many enemies
Iniko - unhappy time
Kara - broken finger
Kesin - long-haired beggar
Marar - dirt
Musenda - nightmare
Nicabar - to steal
Nusair - vulture

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