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Subject: Re: orgin of name
Author: Miranda   (Authenticated as Randee15)
Date: September 4, 2003 at 1:33:03 PM
Reply to: orgin of name by Krystalyn
Yep, it's probably a combo of Krystal and Lyn.

KRYSTAL f English (Modern)
Pronounced: KRIS-tal
Variant of CRYSTAL -->

CRYSTAL f English
Pronounced: KRIS-tal
Means simply "crystal" from the English word for the clear, colourless glass, sometimes cut into the shape of a gemstone. The English word derives ultimately from Greek krystallos meaning "ice".

LYN f English
Pronounced: LIN
Variant of LYNN -->

LYNN f,m English
Pronounced: LIN
Either means "lake" in Welsh or else is a short form of LINDA. -->

LINDA f English
Pronounced: LIN-da
Either means "beautiful" in Spanish or else is a short form of BELINDA or MELINDA.

Click on the links yourself for the meanings of Belinda and Melinda.


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