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Subject: Re: Chicago Tribune article
Author: Anneza   (Authenticated as Anneza)
Date: May 21, 2007 at 11:14:22 PM
Reply to: Chicago Tribune article by Cleveland Kent Evans
Very good article! Except ... it's left me feeling rather foreign. I know that red and blue are the colours of your two main political parties, though I've got no clue which is which ... and is there a political reason why Jack should be popular in "blue" states and Jackson in "red" ones? JFK and, er, Andrew Jackson? Or does politics follow demographics, meaning that the name choice isn't a political one but related to parents' education level, occupation etc in the usual way?

Reagan was a popular president; there seem to be plenty of little Reagan girls but not little Ronald boys. Which is odd ... but is there also a red/blue divide there?

There was a kiddy's picture book a couple of decades ago called "Why are there more questions than answers, Granddad?" I neve read it, but perhaps I should have ...

All the best

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