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Subject: Re: Leoba/Lioba and Teilo.
Author: Lumia   (Authenticated as Lumia)
Date: May 29, 2007 at 6:26:52 AM
Reply to: Leoba/Lioba and Teilo. by Irish_Clare
Leoba and Lioba

Both are variants, coming from the Germanic root liob/liub, "beloved", according Vornamen Buch by Friedrich-Wilhelm Weitershaus and Diccionario de nombres propios by Roberto Faure.


About this name, Gilles and Bleuzen du Pontavice (Prénoms en Bretagne) think that it comes from the Greek Theos, "God".

Loreto Todd (Celtic Names for Children) says that it could be related with the Welsh teilwng, "worthy".

But Sir John Rhys thought that Teilo was derivated from Eliau or Eilliau (I didn't find etymology for this name):

"Sir John Rhys thinks that his true name [St. Teilo's name] was Eliau or Eilliau; in Latin it usually appears as Teliarus, in Breton as Teliau, and in French as Télo."

Catholic Encyclopedia

"Teliau, "St. Teilo," from Eliau which is an independent name: Teliau occurs with a number more in the Liber Landavensis, such as Tidiuc, Tilull, Timoi, Tipallai, Tissoi, and others."

The Inscriptions and Language of the Northern Picts by John Rhys


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