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Subject: Re: No. Name websites like that are inaccurate . . .
Author: Chrisell   (Authenticated as Chrisell)
Date: August 16, 2005 at 5:24:34 AM
Reply to: Re: No. Name websites like that are inaccurate . . . by Rene
Maybe it even overestimates the capabilities of some of these people assuming them to be able to decently fabricate.

ROFL! I heartily agree with you.

You're right, of course, in that the originally fabricated meanings have been plagiarised left and right by every cheap and nasty baby names website. They all copy off each other. In distinguishing between copying and inventing I was mainly talking about Cleveland's assertions that the baby name websites' inaccurate meanings came from books from the 50s, which is patently inaccurate - for example, I challenge anyone to find a 1950s baby names book which gives Mackenzie as a girls' name meaning "warrior princess"!


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