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Subject: Re: Nicknames for Jocelyn?
Author: Seda*   (Authenticated as Sedalyn)
Date: August 24, 2005 at 3:41:49 PM
Reply to: Nicknames for Jocelyn? by chelizz
Jossie / Jossy / Jocie
Jossa (I have a boy named this in one of my scripts and his full name is Jocelyn.)
Josie / Josi
Cely / Celly
Jolie / Joly
Jola / Jol
Elyn / Elen
Ely / Ellie / Elli / Elly
Even Jolly ..hehe


~The Kelley Episodes~

Man at the store: Who's older?
Keren: Me.
Man: (to Essie) Why aren't you older?
Essie: Because I pushed him.

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