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Subject: Re: first name
Author: raindancing   (Authenticated as raindancing)
Date: August 30, 2005 at 4:58:16 AM
Reply to: Re: first name by raindancing
I have seen the similar surname Medlin on a geneology board

There I found
Someone who said

'It is my understanding that the name MEDLIN is of Cornish descent. I've been told that the name was originally spelled "MEDLYN" since the Cornish alphabet had no "i" in it.'

And some else said
I called one man named Medlin, from NC and I talked to him for over 2 hours about the surname Medlin.
His father was a professor at one of the university in NC. He did an
intense study of the name, even going to England to study the origin.
What he found was Scotland and England were always at war in the North
part of England. The Scots would come down and steal from the English
living in this area. So the English went to Norway and brought people
in and gave them the land, between Scotland and England.(I think this
was about 800-1000 AD). They called these people Medlin, or Medland,
meaning the people between or in the Middle.
That area has meadows and brooks so I can see most people think that is where the name comes from

Of corse I cant vouch for the accuracy of either explaination. but I think that Medlyn is a surname/ Place name that like so many other names crossed over into usage as a first name
So there might not be many people out there who share your first name

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