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Subject: Re: help me to get a english name
Author: Integrity   (Authenticated as nafer1)
Date: August 30, 2005 at 8:27:54 PM
Reply to: help me to get a english name by xingyanting
OK, as I understand it you want name suggestions that sound like Dan and Ting.

In English Dan (DAN) is a name.
Dan is also a nick name for Daniel (DAN-yul).
Danny (DAN-ee) a nick name for Daniel.
Dane (DAYN) is like Dan but differnt sounding 'a' being "AY" instead of "A" sound.
Dante (DAHN-tay) is Italian but English people know it especially if they are into art and painting.

or not so closely: Tiana (tee-AH-nah or tee-AN-ah), Ashling (ASH-ling), Spring (SPRING).

They are the closest sounding matches and I think already noted in replies below.

For more info on these names search for them on the homepage:

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My 45 PPs - names in profile

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