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Subject: Re: the name Oguz
Author: Serdar Oguz   (guest,
Date: November 12, 2003 at 1:05:42 PM
Reply to: Re: the name Oguz by Satu
"OGUZ" literally means "we are arrows". It is a two part word/name "Ok" = "arrow", "uz" = is the suffix 1st person plural "we are". The "k" between two vowels softens to "gh" and in modern turkish pratically silent. Oguz was originally used to describe one of the 3 big Turkic groups of people, ie the Oghuz, Kipchak & Caghatay. The horse & arrow was a central theme of the lively hood of nomadic, horsemen Turkic people. The arrow symbolized various tribes. When referring to themselves as a nation, they said "we are arrows" or Oghuz, today Oguz. One of their great leaders took this as his name as his sons led them westward into Europe and Asia Minor.

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