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Subject: Re: help me again
Author: Kira (newbie, apologies if 'Kira' taken)   (guest)
Date: September 4, 2005 at 4:05:08 AM
Reply to: help me again by xingyanting
I think she wants one name for herself that has the sounds of her and her boyfriend's first names both in it.

I would suggest Danielle Zhanna, and just forget about the Ting part, because it's hard to find an English name with that sound.

But to be really honest, I would figure out what is the meaning of your Chinese name, and then search for English names with the same meaning as your Chinese name. That, to me, would give you a lovely name that really suits you.

Good luck!

(newbie, apologies if the username 'Kira' has been taken)

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