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Subject: Re: Pronunciation
Author: Bastien Rosier   (Authenticated as Bastien Rosier)
Date: March 12, 2008 at 6:39:24 AM
Reply to: Re: prn. by Marija Luminitsa
It would be easier if you would take the time to spell out your heading, but I read your posting to see what it was about, so perhaps it is not a bad idea...

Anyway, I can tell you about how the letters would sound in Ancient Greek, though not their stresses.

Megaera would probobly have been pronounced [mɛgaira] and Tisiphone [tisiphɔnɛ:] or [tisiphɔne:], depending on the dialect.

I hope you can read my IPA transilteration, but I find it rather clumsy to attempt to render these things using our irregular English typography.

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