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Subject: Talia and Thalia
Author: aquamarina   (guest,
Date: April 11, 2008 at 10:32:54 AM
I like the name Talia (pron. TAH-lee-a), and until recently believed it to be a different form of Thalia, the name for the Greek muse of comedy and pastoral poetry (which I assumed was pronounced the same way). Now I have found out that while Talia has several sources,

(1. Short for Italia
2. Short for Natalia
3. A Hebrew name meaning 'dew from God')

it is not related to Thalia, which seems to be pronounced differently. I've heard of several different pronunciations of Thalia, "Tha-lye-a", "Thay-lee-a" and "tha-LEE-a", none of which appeal to me. I also dislike the Thalia spelling. However, one of Talia's main attractions to me was the apparent link to the Greek muse.

So... Have you ever heard Thalia pronounced "TAH-lee-a"? Is there any reason to see a link between the two names, beyond wishful thinking?

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