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Subject: Re: What name is pronounced "Mah-ree"?
Author: aquamarina   (guest)
Date: August 19, 2008 at 5:43:28 PM
Reply to: Re: What name is pronounced "Mah-ree"? by Elinor
Thanks! What is the difference between Mhairi and Mairi; I take it the 'mh' is pronounced like a 'v'? Is one more traditional than the other, or are they just regional variants, do you know? (I'm having a surprisingly hard time finding this out!)

I'm British too, although I've never met any "Marry" Maries. I do say "Marry-Claire" for the magazine, but that's how it's pronounced in French as well (it's sort of treated as one word, so the stress goes on the end syllable, Claire). Interesting... Although I was actually looking for a name sounding like "MAH-ree", not "Marry" - the first syllable rhyming with 'car' :)

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