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Subject: mixed up crossing boundries
Author: Katherine Elizabeth Anderson   (guest)
Date: February 7, 2004 at 10:52:16 PM
Hey, i'm a new gurl to this site, but I have always been interested in finding out my history. This site is great, I'm glad i found it. Anywayz, my Mother is half Italian half Irish~I would say more Italian, Darker.She is built small but strong, olive skin-dark Father is Irish, Norwegian desent I believe. He is built big like a Viking, very red skin when mad, lighter hair. I was born with a head full of red(strawberry blonde) hair and big green eyez. i like to think i'm what you get when you mix fire and ice...NE-wayz, i just want to know what you can get out of this....i think i am 3rd or 4th generation in this country...thanks

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