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Subject: Re: Do you know the meaning of this name?
Author: Geoffrey Braden   (guest)
Date: February 9, 2004 at 10:13:24 PM
Reply to: Re: Do you know the meaning of this name? by Nanaea
The name "Braden" has, as far as my own research goes, two origins.
The first is Anglo-Saxon for a broad hillside or broad valley or just broad. The second is an anglicized version of an Irish name "Braidan" or "Bradan" or " O'Braidan". It is derived from the gaelic word for salmon. My own genealogic research has lots of Bradens from Ireland, but this should not be seen as an indication that it is Irish, since there are lots of English names in Ireland just as there are lots of Irish names in England and Scotland. It is important to trace individual history and not rely on generalizations about names. Good luck.
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