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Subject: Re: Usage of Uri on girls?
Author: Noa   (Authenticated as Noa)
Date: October 24, 2008 at 11:33:26 AM
Reply to: Usage of Uri on girls? by ElizainEngland
Uri is conventionally a boy's name. The name Or is unisex, and it comes from the same root, and I have met girls named Ori, which is spelled the same as Uri.

My sister knows a girl named Uri, but it's an exception to the rule, about on the same level as naming a girl James or something. It's part of an Israeli trend of using boy's names on girls and vice versa; it's not a correct usage.

It's better to stick with conventionally female names for females in general, but I personally don't like Urit.

Edit: Although Or is not in the database, you can find it in the user-submitted names. It's definitely in the top 100 for boys, and used a lot on girls as well.

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