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Subject: Mei or Li means "beautiful" in Chinese
Author: Ylva   (Authenticated as Ylva)
Date: October 17, 2005 at 5:01:34 PM
Reply to: Chinese character for Lan - "Beautiful Orchid" by Scott Church
In traditional given names (which usually consisted of two words), Mei and Li were popular first parts of the given name. As in Meili, Meiling, Meiwen and other girl's names. Meilan could be written Mei-Lan, Mei-lan or Mei Lan as well as Meilan.

In the Disney film Mulan, I think the heroine's name means "brave orchid". So I would say that Lan means just "orchid".

Since Claire means "bright", Claire Lan would mean "bright orchid". :) (Though the Chinese world for "bright" is Ming.)

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